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7 Steps To Secure A One Night Stand

Sleeping with someone you barely know is fun, and I know no one can deny this fact. Many people may scowl when they hear about one night stand, though we are sure about it. Imagine a situation where both of you are sitting in a bar knowing what is coming. After you finish up your drinks, you walk together home. You are just there deciding whether to begin it direct or continue with conversational foreplay to build up heat a bit more. After a while, you will see her naked for the first time. This can be so exciting for some of you to withstand. For those who have been in a strict relationship for years, this can be the best moment to break boredom of ‘one bed’ – thanks to online dating sites.

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Whenever you see someone new and get attracted, your adrenaline “must” pump, and suddenly your pulse will definitely quicken. This is the feeling most men have especially those feel bored with their relationships. Some may think it is hard to get that sexy chick, but it is as easy as you want it. What you need is a good dating site and find a woman willing for a one night stand. Check out this reviews site here: to help you to find a good one or read my previous post here. Once you plan to meet, the following steps cannot miss your target;

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Step 1: Find out obstacles around her

Someone referred to this step as “finding out her logistics”. This is identifying who she is always with, and how she hangs out with friends – to a bar, hotel, or a restaurant. This helps you to know the obstacles early, instead of waiting until when she will tell you ‘NO’. If she accompanies her friends, carry out some introduction to your friend in order to get access to her without barriers. However, never agree to meet someone together with her friends.

Step 2: Go straight

Obviously, most guys like going under the radar, before hitting the nail head; this is awesome. However, if you want to pound her brain out, go straight and tell her. This will sound perfect, and she will be impressed with your confidence. She will definitely turn on, and get to you quickly. However, be cool and mature with whatever thing you will say.

Step 3: Try to sky-rise and touch her

Women are different, and this is a fact men should understand. You cannot sweet talk a woman in order to have sex. If she is not willing to hold your hand or kiss you, definitely she will not accept having sex with you. However, if she is ready to be with you, you should keep her in that morale throughout. You can touch her, and if she is willing to kiss, just go on. However, not every woman is willing to do all these in public. Respect her, and share conversation instead.

Step 4: Make your conversation universal

You cannot entirely dwell on sex conversation – it is boring, but do not avoid it completely. Make sure you have confidence while talking about sex, but avoid showing desperation and awkwardness. Ensure your conversation about sex is not driving sexual emotions in her, because she will deny having sex with you at the end. Crack some jokes to make her release emotions, and you are likely to secure a nice game.

Step 5: Avoid bizarre situations

Can you have sex in public? It sounds weird, but definitely NO, unless otherwise. Avoid doing some crazy things while in the bar that can run the woman crazy. For instance, don’t take the woman just at the corner of the bar and start “wild” things there. These things you can control, and avoid missing out such sex encounters. Ensure that you know where to take her, and don’t forget to carry with you a pack of condoms.

Step 6: Leave before closing hour

The closing time is full of creepy issues when guys are taking their last shots. She can also get tired and start thinking otherwise, and probably you will lose her. Try to leave when things are going well. However, don’t just wake up and tell her you want to leave. Find ways of convincing her – you can tell her about interesting things in your house, and she might as well want to visit your house. This should start early in during online chats, so that she can stay prepared in everything.

Step 7: Keep in touch

After meeting someone interesting, you don’t need to monopolize her the entire night. This can be boring, and eventually lose her to someone else. Just be free and don’t appear selfish when other guys say “hi”… Before closing time, just inform her where to go. However, don’t start seducing other women while with your new woman. Try and keep off any behavior that can make her feel annoyed and worthless.