How to Hookup

A Guide To Hooking Up

What is hooking up you ask? Well, let me start by explaining what it isn’t. It isn’t a long term relationship with a girl. It isn’t feeding a girl drinks all night to go home alone. Above all, it isn’t meeting her parents, or saying “I do”. Hooking up is a new phenomenon that is anything but new. Hooking up means that you are with a girl for one reason, and one reason only, sex. There are other names for hooking up, like friends with benefits, or one night stands, but they all mean the same thing. If you want to define it, it is sex without commitment of any kind. If hooking up is what you are looking for, this is the guide that will get you what you want. These 3 guides (,, will supply you with the information to get you laid tonight, and every night.

What are the best places to meet girls to hook up?

There are many places to meet girls to hookup with. Either you can meet them face to face, or through avenues on the internet. Becoming increasingly popular, there are many places to find the girl of your dreams. The best part is that she isn’t looking for a long term relationship any more than you are. Both parties are aware about what is going to happen. There is no deception, or pretending about what either wants. Both parties know that there is just one goal, mutual satisfaction. So, what are the best places to meet girls for hooking up?

Bars and Nightclubs in the UK

An old mainstay, clubs and bars are a great place to meet girls for a one night stand. Due to the lessening of social mores, and expectations, you no longer have to pretend that you are looking for a relationship. It is totally acceptable to be up front, and honest, about what you want. When looking for a hookup, be honest and clear about what you want. You will know instantly whether she is on the same page, or if she is not the one for you.

The internet

The internet has opened the field for hooking up exponentially. There are sites for dating, and then there are sites which are purely for hooking up. Make sure that you know the difference. If you are on a dating site, most likely women are looking for a commitment. Sites that are allocated purely to hooking up present girls who just want sex too. There are many sites on the internet that have singles who are looking for nothing more than a sexual experience. It is a great way to find the girl of your dreams, or just the girl of the night.

Friends with benefits

If you already have a girl friend who is just a friend, she may be willing to hook up with you. If you haven’t ever asked, then you don’t know that she isn’t interested. There are many girls who are willing to have a sexual relationship with a guy, no strings attached. Reaching out to potential girls who are just your friend, can yield some pretty hot sexual nights. Feel out your existing friends to see what they think. If none of your existing friends are interested, make new ones.

Advantages of the internet

If you are looking for someone to hookup with, the internet has many advantages over bars. The girls that you meet on the internet are aware of the arrangement that you want to make. It is a way to weed through those who are looking for a relationship, versus those who are looking for a good time. When you use the internet to find hookups, you don’t have to waste your time wondering if a girl wants what you do. You also don’t have to risk embarrassment. The internet sites were specifically created to match up people who are looking for the same thing. A more impersonal way to reach out, rejection is not such a big deal. If a girl says “no” online, it is much less hurtful than if she says it in person.

Another advantage of the internet is that you get to read the profile of the woman that you are interested in. Profiles are set up to provide candidates with information about the other person that they are thinking about reaching out to. It is a way of knowing a little more about a person before you try to connect. It can be a powerful tool in eliminating those women who don’t sound like someone you are interested in. Of course, attractiveness is going to be the first thing you will judge her on, but be weary of her profile. The last thing you want is to contact someone who is, well, not all that sane. You don’t want to end up with a stalker. For some there will be red flags in their profile, making it easier to head up disastrous situations.

Another advantage of the internet is that you are getting a much broader playing field. If you go to a bar, you are limited by who shows up that night. When you search the internet, you are able to see girls who are ready to hookup, but may not be at the bar you choose. It is a way of meeting more singles, and leaving it less up to fate. Many hookup dating sites have mobile applications that you can download to your smart phone. The beauty of the app is that you can access women who want to hook up from anywhere, at any time. If you are at a bar, and you aren’t having much luck, simply pull out your phone and start searching. There is no harm in excusing yourself from the night and hooking up with someone you met online. An app gives you the best chance of success. It allows you to be in two places at once, perusing for the perfect sexual encounter.

Disadvantages of the internet

The main disadvantage of internet hookup sites is that you have no way of knowing who is on the other end of the computer. Anyone can create a profile, and forge information. Just like other online dating sites, there is no way to verify that the person you are contacting is really who they say they are. Hookup sites can be a haven for fraud and scams. Being careful about who you are connecting to, and what information you are giving, is important. If you are going to use a hookup site, try to use one that has the most credibility. Just like everything else, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the profile picture looks more like a Supermodel, then it most likely is not real. In your search for sex, don’t let reason fall by the wayside. The internet can be a great way to hookup, but you can’t let your guard down. A little caution goes a long way.

Looking for a hookup can be easier than you think if you are smart about it. Using more than one hookup site, and combining it with local bars in the UK, will make it most likely that you will find the sexual partner of your dreams. Don’t underestimate the potential of finding a friend with benefits arrangement. They can, not only be fun, they can teach you a lot about your own sexual preferences. They are also a great way to learn how to please women in bed.