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Are Men Scared Of Meeting Women In Real Life?

meeting women onlineIs it easier to meet women online than in real life?

After years of doing everything online, men have grown to fear doing things in real life, and meeting women is one of the main examples of this phenomenon. Everything in today’s world is done digitally, including finding sex or meeting our next partner. Online dating has made it easier and more convenient than ever before to meet women and get laid, without the hassles of meeting in person. Here are some of the top reasons why men are stuck on meeting women online instead of in real life:

Rejection is less painful.

Rejection is bound to happen when trying to meet women, whether it’s online or in person, but the blow is softened a little when a guy is turned down via the web instead of to his face. Being rejected by a local woman is painful because of the risk of having to see her again or having your mutual friends find out. Guys will do anything to save themselves from embarrassment and the bruised ego that comes from an in-person rejection so it’s no wonder that they prefer looking for dates online instead. Rejection still stings but it’s way less harsh when it happens online. Being passed over on a dating site sucks but the feeling is fleeting because there are millions of other girls waiting right around the corner, making meeting women and looking for sex online a way more appealing option.

Time is on their side.

Real life conversation goes full steam ahead with no time delay to let a guy compose his thoughts. Talking to women online is great because men can take their time crafting the perfect response to women on dating and chat sites. Some guys are naturally gifted at rolling with conversation but there are lots of guys who do better when they’re given a little extra time to think of the perfect thing to say to a potential date, increasing their chances of getting it right and getting laid. Chatting to women online take a lot of the stress out of dating as guys can relax and enjoy time with a woman without having to keep up a perfect conversation at a rapid fire pace. Online action is much more chilled out and relaxed, making it a more appealing option for lots of guys.

Less personality pressure.

Going on a date and having to carry on a conversation all night can be exhausting after guys get used to dating online. Live cam sites are focused on physical pleasure instead of a guy’s personality and this can be a huge relief for many men. Guys get sick of having to be “on” at work all day and love to just relax and let go after hours without having to worry about carrying on smart or witty conversation. Online dating and cam sites let men focus more on getting laid and less on having to be perfect.

No strings attached.

Meeting girls in real life can get complicated quickly. If she says yes to a date then guys need to figure out where to take her. Then they need to try to impress her over the course of a whole night just to get a second date. Or if they end up not being into her they need to let her down gently. It’s enough to make any guy head straight to the internet for easier options. Online dating is just so damn easy when compared to the complications of real life. If a guy isn’t into a woman online he can simply swipe to the next option without having to explain himself or worry about her feelings. He doesn’t have to play host or entertain her with the hottest restaurant picks. All he has to do is look for a hot woman who wants to get laid as badly as he does. After that, online dating is a breeze, especially compared to the hard work of dating in real life.

It’s less work.

Meeting a woman for a date in real life is a big production from bringing her flowers, picking her up, choosing a local bar or restaurant, paying the tab, and on and on. When a guy just wants to find sex it’s simply so much easier to go online to sex cam or dating sites. There’s no expensive restaurant bill and he’s not forced to spend hours of his time investing in someone who might not even want to have sex for another three dates. When a guy wants to cut straight to the chase it’s easy to see why men prefer dating online as a way to get laid without hassle or stress. Guys work hard all day and want to relax and let go when they’re with a woman, getting all of the pleasure they can without having to put in any extra work that they don’t have to.