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How To Sneak Around Online With Working Sex Sites Like

secret cam sitesHow to sneak around online

Everyone is entitled to a little secret online sex action, whether it’s from a chat site, a live cam site, or online classifieds from around the world. Being in a relationship is great but it’s totally normal to crave a little something in the side, and it’s easy to get exactly what you want when you know the tips for sneaking around online. Here’s how to stay under your spouse’s radar while you find pleasure on the top cam sites online.

Have your own computer.

The family computer isn’t exactly conducive of enjoying sex sites in secret. Make sure you have your own personal computer or tablet that only you use. Share other things with your significant other, just not your computer. This ensures that you have the privacy you need when sneaking onto live cam sites like Keeping your online affairs on a separate device means you’ll never get caught looking at your favorite sites.

Keep your excuses handy.

No matter how stealthy you are at sneaking around on live cam sites there’s bound to be at least one moment where your spouse is suspicious. Instead of getting caught off guard make sure you have a couple of ironclad excuses ready to go when you’re asked what you’ve been up to. Some of the best excuses, like “I’m working late” are the perfect thing to say to divert attention away from your online activities and help explain why you’ve been spending extra time on your computer.

Lock it down.

A rookie mistake when sneaking around on sex and dating sites is leaving your computer unlocked for your spouse to access. Always enable the password protection feature on your laptop, phone, and tablet so that no one can gain entry without your permission. This means you’ll never accidentally be found out, or a suspicious spouse can’t spy on you to see what risque activities you’ve been up to online. Just tell your spouse that you want to protect yourself from identity theft or that your job requires passwords for all company-provided computers or devices. They never need to know that you’re just trying to cover your tracks and keep them from finding out what you’ve been really been doing online.

Maintain your independence.

It’s nearly impossible to get time alone online if you and your partner spend every waking moment together. Make a point of having your own life and social activities aside from the things you do together. This means having your own friends and activities that are just for you. You can always make an excuse about hanging out with your buddies or going to pursue one of your separate past times when you really need to sneak off to your favorite online sex sites.

Clear your history.

Always make sure to clear your browsing history after you’re finished hooking up online. You can pretend that you were working while you were actually on your favorite live cam site like, or whatever dating or classified sites you love. Frequent as many of your top websites as you want without your spouse finding out when you take the simple step of clearing your browsing data and keeping your computer clean of any clues of what you’ve really been up to online. The same rules apply for your text messages which are saved on your phone and tablet. Don’t forget to delete any racy pics that might also end up on your phone.

Use a separate credit card.

Avoid getting busted by your spouse when they see your joint credit card statement piled with charges from online cam sites. Stay independent from your shared accounts by keeping your own credit card that you can use just for your online sex transactions. They’ll never know that you’ve been sneaking around online when you keep the financial side of things hidden from them. If they ask you about it just say that it’s a work credit card or an old one that you’ve had from before you were together. If all else fails tell your spouse that you like to have a separate card for buying gifts for them. They’ll be so pleased that they’ll forget all about being suspicious of your secretive activities.

Stay anonymous online.

Take your protection to the next level by keeping your real identity hidden online. Use a pseudonym for your favorite live cam and dating sites and keep your accounts private so not just anyone in the world can come across them. You’ll also be protecting yourself from anyone you’re chatting with who might get a little crazy and try to contact you outside of the site. Stay under the radar by using another identity for all of the sex sites you frequent and keep your naughty activities to yourself.