Why men cheat ?
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Is It Your Fault That He Cheated: Find Out Why Men Cheat

Why men cheat is probably one of the oldest and most difficult to answer question there is. To be honest, there is no easy answer to this. A lot of theories have been developed as far as cheating men are concerned, but at the end of the day, cheating is individual, and it is difficult to put all cheaters in one basket. That being said, there are plenty of men on cheating websites UK looking for affairs in London. Most of the men that have read the online cheating dating guide (read more) are out there cheating and are not getting caught. We will try to explore some of the reason why men cheat, and why it might be the fault of the women. Before you can call in the lynch mob, it might be a good idea to read the entire piece before making any conclusions.

The Current Discussions

One point of reference as to why men cheat has been the (in)famous study done by Eric Anderson. In his study, he found out that although most of the cheating men he talked to admitted to being in love with their partner and did not want to leave them, 78% of these guys cheated anyway. It sounds familiar enough. According to most women, all men are dogs, and will sleep with literally any female that looks at them.

It is however worth looking at the study at a deeper level. First, the sample seems to be far too small. Only 120 men were interviewed for the study and the results collected and recorded. Something else that is worthy of not as far as the ‘Anderson study‘ is concerned is that the men interviewed were exclusively undergraduates. If you know anything about college men, you know that they don’t exactly make the cut for the most loyal and committed men in a relationship. Most of these relationships end before graduation. This study still does not answer why men cheat, or more specifically, why married men cheat. For our purpose of understanding this topic, we might want to disregard the findings all together.

Men Cheat Because They Love Sex

Why men cheat ?
It is difficult to say why men cheat

This is a common notion as to why men cheat. Ask any woman and they will tell you men are constantly thinking of sex. Following this notion, a man will then easily cheat when presented with the opportunity. Societal views on cheating also seem to be changing. Cheating is no longer a big deal as it used to (it still is though) and Cheating websites are making it even easier to cheat for British men that want to.

Although the general belief is that men think with their dicks, it’s not necessarily true. Most men genuinely don’t want to cheat. Most men want to have a stable and monogamous relationship, but it might end up different for a host of reasons. It is true that sometimes men can be driven into having an affair in Bristol. It the things that their spouses do that make them ‘break’. The average guy understands the seriousness of commitment, and is willing to do what it takes to keep their spouse and their relationship steady.

Men Have the Same Emotions as Women

When a guy has a London affair, it could be because of a number of things. Men generally don’t show their emotions, but it doesn’t mean they don’t experience the same emotions that women do. Men also feel it when they are unappreciated, neglected, rejected and also feel lonely. Men can also feel or made to feel unattractive. These are just some of the things that can drive a man to cheat. Just because men will not cry over a bowl of ice-cream before they feel unattractive doesn’t mean that they are not taking it as hard as a woman would.

Most guys that cheat are not necessarily douches. In fact, these men are the best lovers and providers out there. It seems that there is something that is fundamentally lacking in most of these men that may be the key to why men cheat.

For men that often have to be away for business, it is easy for the couple to lose that emotional connection. Their wives may resign to the fact that the husband is never around, and make no effort to retain that original emotional connection despite the odds. In such as case, the couple may turn into nothing more than a brother and sister living in the same house. When this happens, there will always be a woman out there that he is going to connect emotionally with.

Another case that may lead men to cheat actually happens a lot. Women, through no fault of their own, may place more emphasis on caring for the children, leaving the husband feeling neglected. These women’s world revolves around the children, and is no longer in touch with their husbands’ needs or emotions. In such a case, the man will find it hard to resist any Belfast fling that shows an interest in them. After all, the wife no longer cares! Cheating websites offer a quick solution to finding a casual sex partner that they can connect with on a physical and mental level, filling the void that the wife has left.

Men In Stable Relationships Don’t Cheat!

There are men who will not cheat even when women literally throw themselves at the man. Why? Simply because cheating is not worth the risk of losing the relationship that they have with the person that they love. In relationships where there is love, respect, admiration and understanding, a fling partner in Belfast or anywhere else will simply not do! There is too much to lose in the relationship, and the man will not risk losing their world over a stupid fling.

These men will usually not put themselves in a position where they may be tempted to cheat. These men for example will not get in a car alone with a woman that is not their spouse. This is just an example of the lengths that these men will go to in order for them not to be tempted to cheat.

Every Man is Different

It is difficult to say why men cheat. In any case, it is not possible to say why all men cheat, but rather why certain men cheat, or what may lead a man to cheat in the first place. For most men, when they feel that their spouse no longer find them attractive, pay them attention or have sex with them, it will be very difficult not to cheat.

There are simple things that a woman can do to prevent their man from cheating, or at least reduce the chances of them cheating. Of course there are the douche bag husbands that will sleep with anything with two legs and a skirt, but these are way fewer than the men who actually cheat for legitimate reasons. At the end of the day, if you don’t treat your man right, there are cheating websites in the UK where all they have to do is log on and find an affair partner anywhere in the UK. And if they read the dating guide, they will never get caught cheating!