How to Hookup

How You And Your Lives Cam Date Can Have The Best Hookup Of Your Lives

live cam hookupsMake it a night to remember

Make your next booty call a night to remember when both you and your date create the best hookup of your lives. Take the sex from mediocre to mind-blowing with these tips on how to guarantee a hookup that will go down in history for both of you.

Leave your inhibitions at the door.

A hot booty call date is definitely not the time to play it safe or keep things tame. This is your chance to drop your reservations and forget about being shy and just go for it. When you’re with a new booty call date you don’t have to worry about your past performance – you just have to focus on the night ahead. The best way to guarantee a hot and steamy night of sex is by taking some risks and not playing it safe or being boring. A booty call is the time to let loose with all of your fantasies and indulge your desires, making it a hookup neither of you will ever forget.

Pick a sexy location.

Getting laid beside your laundry pile or with your date’s cat watching doesn’t exactly make for a killer hookup. Take your night to the next level by picking a sexy location for your hookup to take place. It could be a the hottest local hotel or an outdoor spot like the beach. A neutral location means that neither of you are worrying about playing host and you can both enjoy the the action instead of being distracted by the environment.

Practice delayed gratification.

You might be tempted to jump each other from the moment you lay eyes on each other but resisting your initial urges is totally worth it when creating a stellar night of sex. Even if hooking up is a sure thing, take your time and slow things down. Try flirting and teasing each other to build chemistry as the night goes on. The sexual tension will be ready to explode by the time you actually get down and dirty, making it hotter than either of you could have ever imagined.

Stay sober.

Getting wasted might seem like a way to help you both relax and loosen up, but the reality is that all it does is dull your senses and make you sloppy. Being drunk for a booty call date is a rookie move and will ensure you’ll wake up with a killer hangover instead of memories of one of the best nights of your lives. Savor every moment and be able to remember it the next day when you stay sober and keep your wits about you so you can really enjoy every second of the hot sex.

Go online together.

Why limit the action to just the two of you when you can hit up your favorite local live cam site and introduce a third party to your booty call? Browse the top cam sites together and take your pick from the sexy women online to add an extra naughty element to your hookup. You’ll both love watching the action together before you get to the main event yourselves.

Play with props.

Blow your date’s mind when you introduce a few sexy toys and props to your hookup. Whether it’s a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, a feather tickler, a vibrator, or whatever sexy item you’re into, using props will guarantee that your night will be anything but bland and will create a sexual experience that neither of you will forget.

Change your identity.

There’s something extra hot about going undercover on online cam sites where you can have usernames or login IDs that aren’t your real name. Keep the same secretive spirit alive by using a fake name with your booty call and adopting a sexy alter ego for the night. It doesn’t really matter to them what your name is or who you really are, but it will feel way hotter to know that you’re going totally incognito while you’re hooking up. Keeping your real identity a secret creates a heightened sense of intrigue that’s a huge turn on for both you and your date.

Keep it light.

The beauty of a bootycall is that it’s 100% about sex. You don’t have to be in a serious relationship together, meet each others families, or care about each other’s personal lives beyond hooking up. Guarantee the best sex of your lives by keeping it free from mundane details about each others lives and by resisting any urges to let the conversation to get too deep. Keep the night fun, flirty, and light to make it sexier and more enjoyable for both of you. If you want to talk about your life or your feelings then have a conversation with your buddies so you can keep your booty call focused on great sex and nothing else.