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Why Infidelity Is On The Rise – Especially Among Women

women cheating onlineWhy female cheating is on the rise

Relationships aren’t what they used to be. Today’s couples are cheating more and more than ever before and it’s both men and women who are the guilty parties when it comes to infidelity. There are lots of reasons why both sexes cheat, whether it’s for purely physical reasons or to fill a void in the relationship. Cheating on your partner is nothing new, but there are some interesting reasons why affairs are increasing in relationships today. Here’s why there’s more cheating today than ever before, as well as why women cheating is especially increased:

Cheating is easier than it ever has been.

Men and women are no longer limited to cheating with the local people that they know. Today’s modern adulterer has options, and plenty of them. From good old fashioned techniques like picking someone up at a bar to new, tech-savvy strategies like dating sites and live cam sites like, there are loads of ways to be unfaithful to your partner. Whether you want to engage in real life sex with someone you’ve met in person, or you want to sneak around on live webcam sites, or just talk dirty with someone else on a chat group, there are tons of ways in which people can have affairs.

People want to shop around.

With the divorce rate having been so high for such a prolonged period of time, the idea of splitting up isn’t as significant as it once was. People are accepting of the fact that their marriages might not stand the test of time and they’re ok with that. Since they are aware of the short shelf-life of their relationship they want to start looking at what other options are out there. People want to know who else is out there before they pull the trigger on filing for divorce or separating from their partner. One of the easiest ways to see what alternative options there are is to hit up the top live cam sites like to see a large volume of every kind of woman imaginable. Sex sites provide people with a huge variety of choices instantly, making it easier than ever to imagine yourself with someone else and then act on it.

Women are craving connection that they’re missing.

We all lead such independent lives today that couples really don’t need each other for all that much anymore. It’s not like days where couples were each other’s sources of entertainment, news, companionship, and support all rolled into one. Now everyone gets those things from so many different sources that relationships can actually be kind of lonely. Throw each individual’s busy work and social schedules into the mix and it’s easy for couples to barely have any contact with each other. It’s no wonder that women are feeling increasingly isolated in their marriages and are starting to look for companionship and connection elsewhere. A new partner won’t necessarily end up being any different in the long run but they are new and fresh and will give a woman the quick fix of company that she craves.

The opportunity is there.

There are a lot of deep and meaningful reasons why cheating is on the rise but in many cases it happens simply because the opportunity is there. If there’s a sexy guy or a hot woman around who is available and interested it’s only natural for people to be tempted. The fact that they’re acting on it indicates the overall attitude that marriages are seen as being more disposable than they ever have been. Between local real life interactions and meeting hot people guys online on dating or live cam sites, it’s easy to argue that physical temptation is one of the biggest factors in cheating.

They want to feel like they’ve still got it.

Both men and women want to feel cherished and appreciated and they also want to know that people find them attractive, especially as they age. As people get older it’s common for them to feel like they’re not as valued as newer, younger people are. Knowing that someone finds you attractive and wants to have sex with you is hugely appealing and flattering to many people, especially when they’re in a relationship that’s grown complacent. Women can especially crave this feeling as they have kids and their appearance changes. The feeling of knowing that they’ve still got it is a huge turn on for people, so if another person comes along and makes them feel sexy it’s easy to see why they’d be tempted to stray.

We can’t sit still.

Between Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Tinder, and whatever else the latest technology craze is, we are constantly moving, looking for the newest and hottest sensation to strike. People today are so hopped up on stimulation from a huge variety of sources that the idea of sitting still, being quiet, and enjoying just one thing can seem painful. Settling down with one person can feel like being cut off from the rest of the fast paced world. People are often anxious to get their sex life into the same fast paced rhythm as the rest of their lives, even if it means cheating on their partner.