Life is a Game - Build you Self Image
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Dating and Relationships: Building a Self-Image

Your self image involves your goals, dreams and purpose in life. It is when you achieve all these that you gain true self worth and a sense of confidence and worth. The only way to achieve this is by becoming centered towards achieving this goal. Attain inner peace by meditating and think of your goals while meditating. Notice and observe everything about you: how you look, how you stand and how you approach life in general. Strive to improve little details and the bigger picture will fall into place. Do not become self obsessed. Just learn to give you and your goals importance over the rest.

The Game

Life is a Game - Build you Self ImageLife is a game that needs extreme practice. You need to develop your skills and play the game to your utmost best. See and judge which have given you best results. You need to work on your inner game. Read up on different philosophies and principles and apply them in your life. You can acquire techniques from reading these philosophies and apply them practically. This is how you develop your core skills and get closer to success. Use these techniques according to the situation you face in life and love.

Teachers spend all their lives teaching young children how to deal with life through education. It can be a very difficult job to go through the arduous process of teaching but the reward makes it worth it. Even for students, school may seem the most boring place in the world but at the end when you get out into the real world, the education and classes make sense. Life is one big lesson. It teaches us. Every time we don’t achieve something, it teaches us to become better at it the next time. But life is also a game, so play and enjoy. Be happy with what you have and learn to take things with a stride. Make mistakes but don’t be afraid of them. Don’t let anything scare you. Take everything in with a pinch of salt. There are various dating clubs and sites that one could be part of. One does not become successful at first go; don’t get disheartened by the first unsuccessful attempt. Keep trying. The whole point about lessons is that, you don’t learn by just acquiring knowledge, you learn by applying them. And you may not succeed the first time but that should not stop you for the second, the third, the fourth and how many times you want.