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The Top Personals Dating Sites For Americans

Choosing the right personals dating site is the most important decision an Americanin the United States can make in dating, bar the actually choice of the date. In fact, you can even see it as on a par with that choice as the site or sites you choose to sign up with will determine the person you end up on a date with. I always feel that you should put as much thought and research into this decision as you will into the decisions you make about possible potential daters further down the line.

Research, Research, Research

Therefore it astonishes me that people just google dating sites and sign up with the first one at the top of the list. No doubt that will be a good site, but does it cater to your needs? Does it have a good ration of women-to-men? Does it have all the features that you personally want from a dating site? Are they good personals dating sites for Americans? And does it cost an arm and a leg for little results? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you sign up with any one site, and answering them will allow you to date online with confidence.

The Top Personal Sites

If you are looking to get started with online dating and are looking for the best personals dating sites for Americans, then here are a few to get you started. These are my top three sites, and the sites that you will find come most highly recommended by their users.


This is one of the best known sites on the web, and for good reason. OkCupid has cornered the market in data-centric dating. That is, it looks to collect as much data about you and all the other members as possible and then use that to recommend people to you based on what other people like you like. Another quirky feature of OkCupid is that you can set your own questions for potential partners rather than having to rely on predetermined questions as on other sites. This means that you can get a really good idea of individuals and whether they would be a good match for you or not. This kind of personalization is the key to quality online dating and success for Americans on personal dating sites. You need to set up your profile or ad to be apart from the crowd as much as possible so that any member of the site who sees it does not just blow right past it, but rather stops, reads, and most of all, remembers. These questions allow you to do just that, with the added bonus that they mean you can start a conversation easily with anyone that answers the way you would like.


eHarmony is a great site, as long as you are willing to wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right. The site asks you a crazy amount of questions in order to set up 29 variables about your personality, interests, wants, and desires and then finds those members who are highly compatible with you. The problem is that this restricted searching can mean you are waiting weeks for members who the computer has deemed worthy, and then if you do not hit it off, you are back to square one. It also doesn’t allow you to contact anyone else, so if you do not find the right one in the list of the ones eHarmony has deemed right, you are fat out of luck.The plus side to this is that usually it is correct, and the people you are matched with are likely to be really good matches for you and likely to be the right person for you.


This site’s slightly more for Canadians than Americans, and if you are looking for personals dating sites for Americans, then you might want to look on Personal Classifieds Guide (unless you are near the border, eh), but Lavalife offers a lot of versatility for a dating site, allowing you to do much more than a lot of the bigger sites allow. For one, you can look for different girls under different guises. Maybe you want to have one profile for proper relationships, but want to write another to interest girls who just want to hook up. That is possible with Lavalife. This means that the whole process is a lot simpler, as everyone knows what everyone else is after by just looking at their particular profile. The site also offers other services, for a fee, such as the opportunity to video chat with potential dates. This can be a plus or a minus, and I would generally say to stay clear of such a service. Ever tried to chat normally over Skype, or something? It doesn’t work. There is nothing quite like a face to face meeting, so avoid such gimmicks if you can.